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Oboy Sam wale on the link of his own site

Oboy Sam wale is Kojoaba Tv comedy production inside from Western North region, sefwi Kojoaba.

Once he from Kojoaba he decided to make the title on his comedy production Kojoaba Tv and it's was very good idea but they  didn't support him for his comedy production but he tried to force his self to his YouTube channel, that's Kojoaba Tv.

Later on, his channel on YouTube started growing up with Subscribers he still needs help but they can promise him but they did not help.

Right now he is still needs help if you want to help or support the comedy production or the YouTube channel, you can kindly visit on WhatsApp on +233596623072/+233542294762

Thanks for your time to read my message but please try to support me or sponsor the YouTube channel. You can call me Oboy Sam wale 

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